Our Happiness Center

Our Happiness Center is designed as an oasis of harmony and relaxation in the midst of your daily routines.

We offer several experiences aimed at helping you connect with the happiness you already have within.From yoga to creative expression sessions, meditation & breathing to life coaching sessions and more!We don’t claim to be happiness experts, we are simply here to facilitate the tools to empower your choice to be happy.

We keep our topics and programs flexible and exciting, so keep an eye on our weekly schedule!

Check our Facebook Events Page for details about our upcoming activities.

To book your place, kindly RSVP on +971 54 441 8272​⁠​ or info@ahappinesscenter.com

Featured Classes & Workshops

Creativity in Consciousness are unique, spontaneous, creative sessions led and conducted by writer & performing artist Dhruti.

These series use sentient, intuitive and psychic methodologies of sound, forces of light and dark, creative writing, telepathic abilities, physical movement and more, all aimed to empower, transform and transcend.

NOTE: You don’t need to have attended the previous sessions to attend this one. Everybody is welcome.

Price: To be decided by the participant. The idea is for you to just come and explore a space where money, time and conditions are secondary. Where the focus is given to the experience of something different and new without expectations.

About Dhruti:
Dhruti Shah is a storyteller, a theatre artist and an incurable daydreamer wandering freely in the universe of her reveries. She refers to this feeling of uninhibited and surreal travels as “home “. Solitary years of inner-exploration and much later, translating them into performing arts, have led her towards expanding perspectives and awakening participants to evolve into their fullest and unrestrained flow of self-expression, true to their voice and spirit.

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Do you have any “happy skill” or story worth sharing?!  Are you into dancing, coaching, yoga or professional tea tasting?

Shoot as an email on weare@ahappinesscenter.ae let’s have a chat and keep spreading the joy.