Our Happiness Center

Our Happiness Center is designed as an oasis of harmony and relaxation in the midst of your daily routines.

We offer several experiences aimed at helping you connect with the happiness you already have within.

From yoga to creative expression sessions, meditation & breathing to life coaching sessions and more!

We don’t claim to be happiness experts, we are simply here to facilitate the tools to empower your choice to be happy.

We keep our topics and programs flexible and exciting, so keep an eye on our weekly schedule!

This week with Mind Body Soul, a Happiness Center

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To book your place, kindly RSVP on +971 54 441 8272​⁠​ or info@ahappinesscenter.com


Gentle Hatha Yoga with Maria

Experience the ancient art of weaving dreamcatchers and the process of setting sacred intentions through you heart and hands into your craft.

We will discuss weaving and crafting techniques as well as what it means to create different energies for certain parts of your home and how to connect to your higher self to channel the blessings and intentions.

You will realize the many ways in which you shape and create your reality.
Aliya encourages you to be outside of the box when designing your piece so you will be able to create something unique that speaks to your Soul.

In times passed, dream catchers were considered protective talismans used to catch bad dreams in the weave while the good dreams, knowing how to navigate their way through, would peacefully slip down the feathers to the sleeping being underneath.

Today, dreamcatchers can powerfully hold the energy of whatever you wish to channel. May it be self-love, protection, joy, creativity, awareness… the possibilities are infinite.

Cost: AED 350 – All materials provided
Date/Time: July Saturday 29th 3pm to 6.30pm

To confirm your place please email aliya.pakravan@gmail.com, along with the colours (2 or 3) you wish to use plus any other creative requests.

Gentle Hatha Yoga with MariaGentle Hatha Yoga with MariaGentle Hatha Yoga with MariaGentle Hatha Yoga with Maria

Yoga & Meditation

Gentle Hatha Yoga with KarthikEnergizing Hatha Yoga with LinaEnergizing Hatha Yoga with Lina

Yoga works through simple movements that allow the body’s energy to be balanced and restored to its natural level of harmony.
These sessions allow the participant to experience relaxation and stress release through connecting the mind, breath and body movements.

Kids & Teens

Creativity in Consciousness with Dhruti