Happiness Corporate Solutions

A variety of solutions aimed at helping teams realize their inner happiness.

Happiness at Work is our Passion.

From Health & Wellness Coaching to Team Building and Stress Release Programs.

Our aim is to bring a sense of ease, enjoyment and purpose into the workspace. Work can be very enjoyable and we can help you find out how.

We take a personalized approach when dealing with each of our clients, making sure we provide customized solutions to suit the needs of every team -and every individual within the team.

That huge word: ENGAGEMENT. We can sit with you over tea or coffee and help you devise an integral plan to overhaul your ongoing challenges -high attrition, turnover, productivity. Leave it to us.

We cater to a wide variety of clients, from governments, to corporates, hospitals and universities.

If you -and others- aren’t having fun doing what you’re doing, chances are people aren’t doing the best they can do.

Some of Our Sessions.

 Oct –  Jan 2018 | Happiness Journey Retreat – DEWA Customer Happiness Team

 De-Stressing Session for School Drivers | New Millennium Gems School

March 2018 | Women’s Day Sound – Dubai Investment Parks

March 2018 | Prime Minister’s Office – Mindfulness Retreat 

May 2018 | Prime Minister’s Office – Emirates Government Service Excellence Program.