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Happiness at Work is our Passion

According to Gallup 85% people are disengaged from work— yet work consumes 70% of our waking hours.

Our aim is to provide a clear picture into what needs to be done in order to create meaningful connections, true collaborations, ease, enjoyment and purpose at work.

We take a personalized approach when dealing with each of our clients, making sure we provide customized solutions to suit the needs of every team – and every individual within the team.


Integrated Happiness System

A solid scientifically backed framework that has the power to integrate your past practices and your future engagement activities. It includes a Happiness manual, a Resources toolbox and Measurement tools to allow you to assess its impact across all departments.

Its focus is to achieve higher employee satisfaction, enhance team communication, productivity & motivation.


Motivational Masterclasses

Enlighten, uplift and inspire. Rajeev & Maria are the region's first lead duo-team to come on stage as keynote speakers sharing topics ranging from Keys to Happiness at Work, to Empowering Happiness through Authenticity, Finding your Why & Living Mindfully.

These motivational talks not only inspire but provide valuable tools and tips.


Mindfulness Programs

Custom made experiential Mindfulness programs to educate and instill long-term practices for self-balance and heightened self-awareness. These uniquely designed programs can last from 4 to 8 weeks.


Stress & Happiness Reports

The best way to move forward is to first identify where you are at present.

We work with our clients  measuring leaders, team members and the entire organization on levels of happiness, stress, and engagement.

We make sure we keep sensitive data anonymous so you are able to gather real feedback and a clear picture of your company's current situation.

Our insightful reports not only portray current states of stress and happiness but provide you a clear way forward to tackle identified challenges.


Executive & Team Retreats

Immersive experiences into inner depths of being that enables participants to discover and work on underlying dynamics within themselves in the context of a team.

Our retreats can be customized and themed according to your company's values and context:  special dates (wellness day, company anniversary) or within the frame of a team building or training.

These are minimum 6 hours experiences.


Sessions & Workshops

From creativity to public speaking, our sessions can last from 45 mins to 2 hours. They are quick and easy ways to allow your team to dive into an experience that enhances their well-being and provide them with valuable tools.

We provide them with empowering tools to take charge of their life and personal success.


Corporate Cultural Transformation

As Barrett Certified Consultants, we help diagnose and align values, mission and cultural entropy, guiding organizations to align from within.

Through systematic cultural transformation, innovation thrives and teams gain resilience, management shares a joint vision of success and people genuinely care for one another, feeling recognized and supported.


Academically Certified Training

For training in-house Happiness at Work Experts we have partnered with Top 10 Forbes University 2015 and Asia's Top ranked University SP Jain School of Global Management.

We've jointly developed a curricula to educate and empower CEOs and top and mid-managers to empower Happiness throughout the organization.

The Core of Our Happiness Solutions

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    Health Coaching

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    Happiness Coaching

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    Organizational Values Integration

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    Mindfulness Training

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    Emotional Intelligence

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    Sound Journey

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    Creative Expression &
    Lateral Thinking

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    Self Management of Stress Tecnique

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    Traditional Yoga

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    Breathwork Practices

We are Barrets Cultural Transformation Certified Consultants

Some of Our Sessions

 Oct –  Jan 2018 | Happiness Journey Retreat – DEWA Customer Happiness Team

 De-Stressing Session for School Drivers | New Millennium Gems School

March 2018 | Women’s Day Sound – Dubai Investment Parks

March 2018 | Prime Minister’s Office – Mindfulness Retreat 

May 2018 | Prime Minister’s Office – Emirates Government Service Excellence Program.