Discover How Happiness at Work can Transform Your Organization

There is a smarter more integral way to Happiness at Work.

A way that is backed by solid scientific research and that gives organizations the possibility to measure the impact of each of their engagement initiatives. Shedding light on teams, area by area, person by person.

In line with the UAE government’s Happiness Initiative, Mind Body Soul, a Happiness Center is the 1st of its kind platform to support, integrate, execute and align all your Happiness at Work efforts.

Through a multi-fold approach and a multidisciplinary team, we not only offer various workshops, trainings and retreats but also track their success and impact.

Our system works for small companies and large scale organizations alike.

Discover how the Surest Way to Incredible Business Growth is a True Long Lasting Cultural Shift at the workplace.

A shift towards happiness and true unity.

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Integrated Happiness System
Motivational Masterclasses
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Happiness Team

What does a happiness team do?
Well, first of all we make sure we keep ourselves and our team happy!

How do we do this?
In various ways, for example:
We always meditate before our meetings, we make sure we calm our minds and connect with our inner selves and with each other at a deeper level before starting our plans and discussions on how to bring more happiness and smiles to Dubai!

We also make sure we follow no rules when finding new creative ways to get things done and empowering our community to a happy and peaceful coexistence.

Our happiness team is composed of experts in various disciplines & backgrounds.
Storytellers, musicians, yoga teachers, sound specialists, coaches, HR and more!
All of us have our unique approach to facilitate the way towards your inner happiness and ease your journey to discover your happiest, most vibrant self.

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